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About Precise Background Services

Why Precise?

About Precise Background Services

Precise Background Services are regarded as an industry leader for providing background screening services and national police checks in Australia. Established in 2005 we are a Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Accredited company which enables us to provide national police checks to our customers in a secure and timely manner.


Our directors have extensive experience in investigative services, and understand that a failure to carry out even the most basic background checks can cause a wide range of issues such as fraud, theft, workplace bullying and sexual harassment. The impact of just one incident where a person in a position of trust abuses that trust, can have a devastating ongoing impact on any business or organisation.


As a specialist background screening company we strive to provide our clients with a high quality service that is focussed on our clients requirements. At Precise our business is totally about background screening and police checks, which enables us to provide industry best practices and adherence to Australian Standard 4811-2006.


Many industries are now mandated by legislation (such as Aged Care, Child Care,  Health Care, Financial Services) to ensure that their employees have undergone a National Police Check as a minimum. Knowing who you are employing is critical to risk mitigation for small, medium and large businesses, and we have implemented innovative, efficient, and user friendly processes from small businesses to large blue chip organisations.


Our clients can choose from an extensive range of pre-employment background checks to tailor a solution to suit their individual requirements, or simply select from one our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages.


Our staff of mature professionals are dedicated to providing a timely, confidential and efficient service to our valued clients, which we believe is the key to our success.


Do you know your people?


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* Please note: After we have received your  paperworkvia email or  the mail, initial screening is done in Real Time, and it is possible to have Final Results within minutes.   On average, 80% of all National Police History checks are processed within 1-2 business days.  In cases where there is an Initial Name Match, the processing time is usually between 2 and 15 business days