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Precise Services

Precise Background Services offer a customised approach to our clients needs by acknowledging that each company and role are unique. Our packaged services can be utilised or a customised range can be tailored to meet specific requirements.


The end result is a comprehensive report detailing the findings of each background check clearly highlighting any discrepancies or areas of concern. Interim reporting throughout the process keeps our clients informed and immediately brings to our clients attention any unsatisfactory revelations.


The following checks are available to select from to tailor a comprehensive and thorough pre-employment program for your company.


Employment History

At Precise we believe it is imperative to complete a thorough check of a candidates CV to confirm that what is stated is truthful and accurate. In our experience we have found that even the most professional looking CV may have inaccuracies, omissions or even false positions making it more fiction than fact!

When Precise verify a CV we will validate the following:

  • Position held by the candidate
  • Who they reported to (and their position)
  • Outline of responsibilities
  • Exact date of employment with each employer
  • Any gaps in employment
  • Remuneration (if applicable)
  • Reason noted for leaving (resignation, termination)
  • Any adverse records on their employment file (attendance, performance or behavioural issues)
  • Would the candidate be eligible for re-employment?

We help to protect your business and provide peace of mind by verifying the claims a prospective employee is making on their CV.

Employment Reference Check

A comprehensive employment reference check conducted by Precise can be an invaluable tool for building an accurate picture of a prospective employee's attitude, skills, competencies and overall performance. From conducting hundreds of interviews over the years we have developed detailed questionnaires to highlight performance and behaviours, as well as the candidates strengths and weaknesses.

During the course of the reference checking with the candidates direct manager, we establish if there are any restrictive covenants, disciplinary action or warnings, attendance and reliability issues, acts of dishonesty, inappropriate behaviour, or any claims against or by the candidate.

Importantly, the referees willingness to re-appoint the applicant if the opportunity arose is also established.

Our reference questionnaires can be tailored to meet our clients specific requirements.

Educational Qualifications

The ease in which a prospective candidate can obtain fraudulent qualifications is on the increase. A quick search on the internet will support this, therefore it is imperative that all educational qualifications are verified.

Accredited Educational Institutions maintain records of all past and current students. Our service will verify with the stated institution the qualification awarded, attendance dates, graduation date, and importantly that the course has in fact been completed.

This check is critical for positions which require specific qualifications for legal or compliance purposes, or when an individual can increase their earning capacity by holding a qualification.

Professional Qualifications & Memberships

With people being able to access fraudulent qualifications online and this being seen as an ever increasing problem, Precise Background Services will check and verify the academic and membership backgrounds of a candidate. Details of any qualifications received, dates awarded or commenced, and the name of the Association are reported.

Entitlement to work

There are strict regulations and penalties surrounding entitlement to work in Australia and it is the EMPLOYERS responsibility to confirm eligibility.

In fact, it is an offence under the Migration Act 1958 to knowingly or recklessly allow an individual to work, or refer an individual to work, if they are in breach of their visa condition or working in Australia illegally. Companies in breach of this Act can face up to $66,000 per illegal worker.

Precise Background Services verifies the residency status of all applicants. Should an applicant have a non-resident entitlement to work status, then the visa type, restrictions and conditions will be reported.

National Police History Check

An employer can refuse to employ a candidate if they have a criminal record that may affect the inherent requirements of the role. A national police history check will reveal all criminal recordings in Australia in line with the spent convictions scheme. Precise Background Services has specialised expertise to assist our clients to interpret such findings.

Precise Background Services are an Accredited Crimtrac broker which means our customers get the fastest possible turnaround for national police checks. Crimtrac is the government agency providing a national information sharing service for Australia's police, law enforcement and national security agencies.

When a police check is submitted and the person has No Discloseable Outcomes our office is experiencing a 'return rate' of 24-48 hours in 80% of cases. For persons with Discloseable Outcomes we are receiving the relevant information in 7 - 15 working days.

Our easy to use online application system for employers and individuals ensures a prompt and efficient service. Once the required '100 point check' for proof of identity (like opening a bank account) has been received, your check is submitted. Results of the check can take as little as a few minutes however on average a 24 hour turnaround is achievable.

Our service is ideal for Recruitment Companies, Aged Care & Health Service employers, Financial Service institutions and all employers wanting to'know their people'.

Contact us today to get your police checks quickly and more efficiently!


Director Eligibility

The Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) may ban an individual from holding position of trust within organisations if they are an undischarged bankrupt or have been convicted of offences involving dishonest or fraudulent dealings.

In addition, ASIC maintains a list of Directors and Top 20 shareholders of Australian companies. This search may identify potential conflicts of interest that can arise from an individuals interest in other companies which is essential for all senior level appointments.

Precise Background Services can verify that a candidate is not registered as having such bans, disqualification or interests.

Credit Check

Under the privacy Act 1988, consumer credit information is only available for the purposes of providing credit. For the purposes of employment screening a basic credit verification will reveal commercial information recorded to an indiviual.

This check will include details of litigation, court judgements (in some states), and current and discharged bankruptcy information recorded to an individual in their commercial capacity.

A basic credit check can offer insight into an individuals reliability and sense of responsibility. It is recommended for senior management positions and finance roles, and may be relevant where an individual has access to funds or budgets.

Media Search

When recruiting senior level personnel, an increasing number of organisations are using national and global media background serarches to help them build a profile on their potential key appointments. Precise Bacground Services utilise electronically baed natianl & international media databases to disclose any professional or private pree relating to the candidate.

A comprehensive media search can identify adverse publicity and bring to light potential conflicts of interest quicky and discreetly.

Driving History

Should driving be a key criteria of the role, Precise Background Services can establish a clear view of the candidates driving history by conducting a driving history check Australia wide. This report will identify the validity of their drivers liccence, demerit point balalnce, as well as infringement and convictions.

This search is essential for potential employess that may be supplied with a company branded vehicle of whose employment is reliant on having a valid licecne with the appropriate endorsements.

AML/CTF Check (Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism)

To ensure compliance with AML/CTF legislation we encourage our customers to conduct a variety of background checks. In addition to the checks listed above the AML/CTF checks are completed by compiling results from a number of information/data sources including Department of Foreign Affairs, ASIC, Medicare, Australian Electoral Commission, U.S. Treasury, Watch Lists including Politically Exposed Persons List and Sanctions List, Domestic and Foreign Police Agencies and Credit Bureau.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol usage in the workplace is on the increase and in most organisations is not tolerated. A comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment can be conducted by Precise Background Services to reduce the risk of substance abuse impacting the candidates ability to perform the role. Using a non-intrusive approach Precise can screen for Alcohol, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Opiates, Cocaine and other illicit substances with a saliva test.

For alcohol testing we use a HH2 Breath Analyser and these tests will reveal the use of drugs and alcohol present in the system from usage in the past six to twenty-four hours.

Land Title Search

Precise Background Service have facilities in place to confirm property ownership if deemed necessary. These searches are carried out on a state by state basis and fees vary accordingly.

International Enquiries

Precise Background Services can perform international checks when required. The process and pricing differs greatly from country to country. For more information contact us.

* Please note: After we have received your original paperwork through the mail, initial screening is done in Real Time, and it is possible to have Final Results within minutes.   On average, 80% of all National Police History checks are processed within 1-2 business days.  In cases where there is an Initial Name Match, the processing time is usually between 2 and 15 business days