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Precise Background Services

Precise Background Services are recognised as industry leaders in providing background screening services and National Police Checks in Australia.

Precise Background Services are recognised as industry leaders in providing background screening services and National Police Checks in Australia. Our expert team have far-reaching experience in personalised investigative services.

Beyond our service offerings, we are known for having a deep understanding of the impacts and risks to the organisations we partner with relating to failures to background check. From probity, fraud, theft, workplace bullying, sexual harassment and other criminal conduct, our team is adept at identifying and rigorously uncovering information to ensure any prospective hire has been screened.

Our customers and partners value the speed and accuracy of our service delivery. Our experience and personalised care. Our reputation for excellence. We strive for this to ensure that you can know your people as well as possible.

Established in 2005, Precise Background Services are an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Accredited company which enables us to provide national police checks to our customers in a secure and timely manner.


That we specialise in

Finance & Banking

We help leading financial institutions manage and minimise risk in their HR processes.


We partner with some of Australia's largest insurers in their hiring processes from entry-level to senior executive positions.


We provide flexible and scalable solutions to support the variable needs of hospitality recruitment.

Aged Care

Precise Background Services understands the sensitivities and needs of the aged care industry.


We help organisations vet potential staff to ensure they meet organisation and industry requirements.


Precise Background Services provides discreet, thorough audits of staff for security and defence organisations.

Our Clients

Precise background Services has assisted clients from a range of industries to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of prospective candidates. Prominent healthcare providers, retailers, recruitment agencies, and financial services organisations have relied on our industry-leading background checking services.

We understand the unique needs of the clients we work with regarding vetting new-hires, and offer packages tailored to industry-specific requirements. We not only run a national police clearance (police check) on candidates but can run other checks relevant to a candidate’s prospective position and job responsibilities.

Neglecting to complete thorough reference checks for new hires, failing to check the veracity of purported educational qualifications and right to work documentation, or failing to investigate criminal history, could lead to serious implications for organisations. Partnering with Precise Background Services gives clients peace of mind, knowing all background checks are rigorous and complete.