Where is my police check?

Precise Background Services

The ACIC has confirmed that the targeted timeframe for returning a check result is still 15 business days (maximum) and have highlighted they are currently focused on completing the outstanding checks.

To retrieve your National Police Check history records, the police computer system tries to find any records in the police database that belong to you. Sometimes the computer is unable to make all of the decisions automatically.

In this case, the system refers your check for manual (human) review, by the police NOT Precise Background Services.

The computer uses your name, sex and date of birth to try to identify which records (if any) belong to you. Sometimes your details might be similar to someone else in the database who does have records.

If any records are found that could belong to you (or someone whose details are similar to yours), the system might not be able to automatically assign these records. To make sure this is done correctly, police will manually vet these records to make sure you get the right result.

We understand that this is frustrating, especially if you need your check urgently.